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Spanish as a Foreign Language

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin Chinese, with more than 200 million new speakers each year. It can help you not only to improve your skills but also to get a new job, study abroad, travel and obtain your residency in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.

As an official LanguageCert Test Centre we can offer you USAL esPro Certifications in our premises, that have the same equivalency as the ones from the Instituto Cervantes, and that have many competitive advantages. We can set them at any time you want, in our premises.


We also do the exam preparaation you need to pass your exams.

For further information on the USAL esPro exam click here.

We do also offer preparation for the Instituto Cervantes certification exams and can enrol you to these exams.

En la oficina trabajando

What do you need to obtain the Spanish nationality?


These are the legal requirements you need as well as the two exams you need to pass in order to get it: 


This exams requires you to know about the Spanish constitution and cultural aspects of the country. It has 25 multiple option questions. For each question there are three answers and only one is correct. You can view the sample of the exam here.

The result is APT or NOT APT. To pass you need at least 60% (15 of the 25 questions) of the answers to be correct. The exams are corrected automatically. Each correct answer grants you a point, no points are taken for incorrect answers.

The exam is valid for four (4) years, once this time has lapsed you will be required to take the test again.

For more informatio about the CCSE click here.

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USAL esPro Spanish Certification

by Universidad de Salamanca and LanguageCert


LanguageCert, in partnership with Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca (CIUSAL), offers high-quality Spanish language exams to the global learners’ community, specialising in language skills assessment and certification for work and study purposes.

LanguageCert exams are internationally recognised, have been designed to abide by the most rigorous quality and reliability standards and are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Exam information here

espanglish offers these exams in-house and you can sit the exams in our premises with 48 hours advance notice. No need to wait for exam dates or travel and you have your results within 48 hours from sitting the  computer based exam or 5 days from sitting the paper based exam. Easy, competitive advantages, no hassle and effective.

You can contact us directly to book your exam and for more information about the exam, contents, sample materials,  click here.


Examen de nivel de español

del Instituto Cervantes

El diploma acredita que el estudiante puede dar y comprender información básica sobre sí mismo y su familia, compras, lugares de interés, trabajo, etc.

El examen se compone de 4 partes que se dividen en dos grupos:

  • Grupo 1 (destrezas de comprensión de lectura y expresión escrita): comprensión de lectura  y expresión e interacción escritas .

  • Grupo 2 : comprensión auditiva y expresión e interacción orales 


La calificación es APTO o NO APTO. Para aprobar el examen se necesita una nota mínima de 30 en ambos grupos, serían al menos 60 puntos de los 100 totales.

Es importante practicar para el examen escrito ya que es imperativo seguir las instrucciones sobre el número de palabras, contenido y formato del texto.

 Más información sobre el examen, así como un examen de prueba.

Café de la mañana en la terraza

Spanish natural progression

Young Adults & Adults

If you have recently moved to Spain and would like to learn the local lingo to get by during your days out and shopping or whether you would like to immerse yourself in the local culture, espanglish has the answer for you.

You could join any of our existing groups, at anytime and we are flexible to meet your demanding travel schedule.

Furthermore, if when you go back to your home country and you want to continue with your existing group in Spain whilst you are visiting friends and family abroad, you can easily connect, live online to your group to ensure you keep your level up and practice.

You can also have private, 1:1 lessons, to ensure you have all the attention of a bespoke lesson to fit your specific requirements, any time, as many hours a week as you like.

Comiendo churros

Spanish natural progression & Certification Preparation


Young adults, teenagers and children

If you have recently moved to Spain and you are setting up a business, working here and have a family we can cater to your requirements.

You could join any of our existing groups to bring your level up to what you need.

Your children can join our children's groups and start settling in making new friends and catching up on school work whilst learning Spanish to fit in at school.

In either case you can also have private, 1:1 lessons, to ensure you have all the attention of a bespoke lesson to fit your specific requirements, any time, as many hours a week as you like.

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